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Providing quality independent coating inspections

CryoGen provides independent coating inspections to help you ensure quality control. Get in touch with our team today to get started, we work across the UK.

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Third party coating inspections

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Choosing the right third party inspection provider is an important step in ensuring thorough quality control in the interest of the end-consumer. Independent inspections, as opposed to those carried out by the manufacturer or the buyer, are not affected by the interests of either party. As a result, they encourage a more confident relationship with the supplier and avoid costly errors or the expense of hiring an in-house quality control team.

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When do I need third party inspection services?

When working with new suppliers

When buying premium or high-investment items

When there are repeated product quality issues

ICorr and NACE Inspectors

CryoGen’s inspectors are ICorr and NACE qualified and offer a complete third party inspection of all aspects of fabric maintenance, from surface preparation to completion. We provide internal and external audits and quality assurance, ensuring all work is up to specifications and that all required standards are met.

We can conduct an inspection on behalf of the client or the client’s supplier to give an honest and neutral assessment of quality standards. We’ll look at the condition of an operator’s paint and coatings using reliable, professional surveys that identify any areas of concern and indicate corrosion values.

Once fabric maintenance works are complete, CryoGen provides final sign-off and acceptance, creates independent inspection reports and provides an updated condition value.

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We operate these services across the following sectors:

✔ Construction
✔ Oil and gas
✔ Power generation
✔ Petrochemical

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A professional service

Product inspection helps buyers mitigate the risks of buying through a supplier. Having a reliable third party inspect the goods before they're dispatched ensures your expectations are met and gives you the transparency to forecast any potential delays. For more information on how CryoGen’s qualified inspections team can benefit your business, get in touch.

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Interested in our third party inspection services? Call our team in Chichester today for a free initial quote.

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