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Dry ice pellets on dark surface



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Dry ice – a safe and non-abrasive cleaning material

Dry ice in gloved hand

A solid form of carbon dioxide, dry ice is a natural substance that has a range of uses from non-abrasive cleaning, to food transportation and special effects. Unlike other cleaning methods, dry ice requires no water and does not create secondary waste, as it evaporates back into the atmosphere. By blasting dry ice pellets under compressed air, you can effectively remove corrosion and clean surfaces without causing damage or scratches.

Dry ice on a dark surface

How long does dry ice last?

The amount of time dry ice will last will vary depending on the quality of thermal container and external temperatures. Typically, dry ice sublimates at a rate of 5%-15% of its weight per day. The temperature of the dry ice will hold but its effectiveness as a cooling agent will decrease as it breaks down. We recommend ordering just the quantity you need for immediate or short-term use. CryoGen is able to offer fast delivery from our base in Chichester across the UK.

Used by a range of industries

As a non-toxic and sustainable cleaning agent, dry ice is a popular choice for main industries including:

Aerospace and aviation

✔ Contract cleaning

Food and beverage

Medical devices

Oil and gas

Restoration and remediation


Power generation

Packaging equipment

Plastics and composites


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Order now – variety of pack sizes available

CryoGen has a range of pack sizes in stock and ready to be dispatched now. Contact us now to place your order.



10.5 KG



  • What size air compressor do I need for dry ice blasting?
    Quality air is essential for achieving optimal performance from your dry ice blaster. We recommend contacting our team on 01903 731717 or emailing for the correct advice.
  • Why does dry ice clean so well?
    The actual dry ice pellets are quite soft, and much less dense than other media used in blast-cleaning (i.e. sand or plastic pellets).

Dry ice supply FAQs

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Order dry ice today from CryoGen. Call our team in Chichester to place your order.

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