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person doing Dry ice blasting

Looking to hire or purchase dry ice blasting equipment?

CryoGen is a leading UK supplier of dry ice blasting equipment. Call us now to discover the ideal equipment for your application. Book now for a demo.

Designed and engineered by experts

Blasting pressure between 12 and 16 RAR

Complete control over ice flow and particle size

Buy or hire (lease purchase options available)

Can provide demo

Backed by 30 years of industry expertise

12 month warranty



Our dry ice blast equipment range

PowerJet Series - CryoGen SC -16 Power Max Plus

Our PowerJet series dry ice blasters deliver unprecedented power with an ice throughput of 0-150 kg/hr. Designed to tackle even the most stubborn contaminants, these machines provide:

Floor standing design
Ice consumption 0 - 120 kg / h
3 - 10 m³ airflow
Blasting hose length up to 10 m
Stainless steel frame
Dialled controlled ice flow and pellet size
Condensate trap
Interchangeable blast hoses
Available for UK and international delivery

Dry ice machine

01903 731717

Dry ice

The Compact Powerhouse – CryoGen SC-12 Cube Vario Dry Ice Machine

For those seeking compact, lightweight, yet powerful cleaning solutions, meet our CUBE series. With an ice consumption of up to 40kg / hour, the SC-12 Cube Vario offers:

Tabletop machine

Ice consumption 0 - 40 kg / h

0.3 - 1 m³ airflow

Lightweight aluminium housing

Adjustable dry ice size via rotary knob

Adjustable dry ice volume

Various nozzle sizes

Available for UK and international delivery

Dry ice machine

01903 731717

Empower your cleaning process with CryoGen's advanced dry ice machines

Dry ice machine

Welcome to the new era of industrial cleaning brought to you by CryoGen's latest dry ice machine line. With over 30 years of industry leadership, CryoGen revolutionises cleaning technology with its advanced dry ice blasting machines. Our machines are available for short and long-term hire as well as for purchase.

Dry ice

Supplying machines to a variety of industries

With its effective, non-toxic and non-abrasive cleaning properties, dry ice is a popular choice for many industries including:

✔ Aerospace and aviation
✔ Contract cleaning
Food and beverage
Medical devices
Oil and gas
Restoration and remediation
Power generation
Packaging equipment
Plastics and composites

water purification system in pharmaceutical factory

Request a demo today

If you’re interested in harnessing the power of dry ice cleaning, CryoGen is happy to offer a video demonstration. Our expert team will be able to advise on how dry ice cleaning will benefit your business and which machine will be best for your usage requirements. Contact us now to arrange a time that suits you.

  • What size air compressor do I need for dry ice blasting?
    Quality air is essential for achieving optimal performance from your dry ice blaster. We recommend contacting our team on 01903 731717 or emailing for the correct advice.
  • Why does dry ice clean so well?
    The actual dry ice pellets are quite soft, and much less dense than other media used in blast-cleaning (i.e. sand or plastic pellets).

Dry ice equipment FAQs

factory equipment view from above

Call CryoGen in Chichester today to hire or purchase dry ice blasting equipment.

01903 731717

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