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Insulating a pipe



Specialist insulation services for UK businesses

CryoGen provides a range of specialist insulation services for industrial settings across the UK. Call our team today to get started.

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Design, assembly and installation

Insulation Pipework

CryoGen’s comprehensive insulation installation and removal service cover thermal, chilled, acoustic and cryogenic applications. We offer insulation for all types of static equipment as well as pipework e.g. tanks, valves, vaporisers, pumps, and other components (vessels, tunnel freezers, gauges and flanges, among others). We also have a capability to utilise all types of thermal, acoustic, and cryogenic insulation materials:

PU and PIR

Mineral wool

Cellular glass




Others (aerogel, elastomer foams)

Dry ice on a dark surface

The CryoGen insulation service

We offer equipment and pipework blasting for protection against further erosion, replacement of damaged insulation systems (with personal guard, where process areas allow) and corrosion under insulation (CUI) surveys for all types of static equipment pipework. Our comprehensive insulation installation service includes:

Corrosion under insulation (CUI) surveys

Equipment and pipework blasted and coated to protect against further corrosion

Replacement of damaged insulation system

Replacement with personal guard where process areas allow

Corrosion under insulation (CUI)

We understand the importance of a CUI strategy and have considerable experience in the use of C.I.N.I. insulation/cladding specifications.

Our technical experts can advise on protective coating systems to underlying pipework and substrates and, based on a thorough understanding of the corrosion process, can define the correct coating selection based on the environment, use and the corrosion control parameters. Furthermore, we’ll be able to determine the mechanical properties and strength required to ensure that a structure is resistant to corrosion.

Industrial plant

Corrosion repair solutions

Our technical experts have the skills to determine the mechanical properties and strength required to ensure that a structure is resistant to corrosion. For more information on this service, please see our coatings page.

The CryoGen insulation workshop

With so many ageing steel structure assets across all sectors, the demand for insulation services is higher than ever. With corrosion under insulation (CUI) remaining a thorn in the side of every integrity engineer, CryoGen has developed the Littlehampton facility to deliver a total solution from insulation design to the assembly of insulation components. Our insulation workshop boasts a first-class team working with first-class tooling. For more information on our insulation services, get in touch.

Industrial building
factory equipment view from above

Call CryoGen in Chichester today for a free quote on our insulation services.

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