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Benefits of Dry Ice Cleaning

Since dry ice cleaning is non-abrasive and non-conductive, it’s safe for use on most surfaces and won’t damage your equipment. In fact, the ability to thoroughly clean your machinery on a regular basis, at a low cost and with minimal downtime, will vastly increase the longevity of your assets and is an important part of a proactive asset management strategy.

Dry Ice Blasting - Benefits Overview 

  • Reduce cleaning time (up to 80%)
  • Clean in-place, no cool down or disassembly
  • Non-conductive
  • Non-abrasive
  • Eliminate media entrapment
  • No secondary waste
  • Non-toxic
  • Increased operator safety
  • Non-chemical/non-solvent

CryoGen Cold Jet Technology vs traditional cleaning methods

*Secondary waste that has been contaminated during the cleaning process is often classified as toxic waste and requires appropriate safe disposal.

Environmentally Friendly

Dry Ice blasting is more environmentally friendly than alternatives. It does not release harmful gasses into the atmosphere, and as the CO2 being used is a by-product of other petrochemical processes, gas that would otherwise be left to go directly to atmosphere, is not only being put to good use, it is also getting considerably delayed before being released into the atmosphere.

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Cleaning Services

At Cryogen we aim to deliver first class cleaning services in-house from our new state of the art multipurpose facilities

In addition to our in-house services we also have a team of highly skilled and experienced operators to carry out a professional Cryogenic clean at your premises

In conjunction with our key partner, Cold Jet you can be sure that we only use the #1 market leading blasting equipment in the UK

Take a look at the different sectors where we work across a number of applications with our key customers.
Click on the application or sector below that best represents your individual needs to see how Cold Jet Dry Ice Blasting could improve your business today

Power Generation, Oil & Gas
Printing & Packaging
Fire Damage & Restoration
Automotive, Aerospace, Marine & Rail
Castings, Foundry & Moulds
Plastics, Composites and Rubbers
Food Processing & Pharmaceuticals
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Machines & Equipment

CryoGen is the only certified Cold Jet Distributor in England. For nearly 3 decades we have put the majority of dry ice blasting systems through their paces. With a Cold Jet market leading machine you can guarantee reliability, efficiency and proven performance versus any other machine on the market.

Here at CryoGen we offer a number of options in order for us to tailor the right solution and package for your individual needs. Whether you are looking to purchase a machine, hire a machine or have one on a long term rental or lease option, rest assured we will help build the right package for you.

Cold Jet Aero 2 Series

The Aero2 series has truly reinvented Dry Ice Blasting. Smarter, Faster, more powerful, yet quieter these lines are the highestPerforming series of dry ice blasting machines to ever reach the UK Market.


Aero Series

The Aero series has long been the most reliable, powerful and durable dry ice blaster on the market. With ColdJets patented Dry ice technology these machines are built to take on any application. From cleaning at 20psi (1.4 bar) to right up to 300psi (20bar) the Aero range truly is the workhorse of the dry ice blasting world.


I3 Microclean

Designed for precision applications the i3 microclean table top format is the most efficient and flexible of all dry ice blasters. It is compact, lightweight and its innovative technology allows you to blast anywhere from 1.4 to 9.7 bar with as little as 20cfm.

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Dry Ice Sales

Dry Ice 3mm Pellets for blasting and 10kg blocks are produced daily for next day delivery for our Customers.

It is delivered in containers or Thermotainers in 2 Sizes. 200kg and 325kg. 325kg of dry ice can last for up to 8 hours of continuous blasting cleaning.

CryoGen can also provide you with the necessary information and knowledge for the safe use, storage and transportation of Dry Ice.

In addition, we provide full operator training as well as servicing and repairs of all your dry ice blasting equipment and machines.

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