Posted: 24-09-2020

We are currently living in turbulent and uncertain times. In the midst of a global pandemic and subsequent recession, coupled with the long-term impact of Brexit, there is now an increasing emphasis being placed on the already heavily publicised skills shortage - which continues to impact multiple sectors across the UK. 

For the industrial services markets, the current situation is likely to get worse, as ageing experts exit the workforce via retirement, whilst firms still face difficulties attracting younger talent. For instance, The Engineer reported earlier this year that 37% of engineering professionals identified the skills deficit as having the biggest impact on their sector. At the same time, the National Association of Manufacturers found that over 500,000 jobs remained open in the sector, providing a clear indication that the manufacturing skills gap remains a huge problem. These alarming figures followed research by the Industrial Strategy Council that estimated an additional 7 million people will be under-skilled for their jobs by 2030, according to a report in the Financial Times.

Therefore, we believe it is the perfect time to expand your or your workforce’s skillset. There is little doubt that those companies choosing to broaden their portfolio of solutions through training courses will be in the best position to up-sell and win new business. Meanwhile, as the Bank of England predicts that UK unemployment will hit 2.5m due to Covid-19, now is the time for affected individuals to potentially explore a new career path and re-train as a professional to serve the industrial services sector – taking advantage of the multiple opportunities generated by the skills shortage.

This is why we have invested more than £500,000 in two industry-leading training academies, where we will help individuals looking to enhance their careers or retrain, SMEs looking to bolster their portfolios of services, and larger organisations looking for expert training solutions as part of their personal development frameworks. The CryoGen Academy in Southampton will open its doors for the very first-time next month, which will be followed by our Scunthorpe Academy early next year. You can learn all about them here.

We have already partnered with awarding bodies, including Train the painter, to offer cost effective and accredited training courses, but we won’t stop there. Our long-term plan is to grow and develop our portfolio of training solutions, so we can provide a comprehensive end-to-end solution for businesses across the industrial services sector. 

We are a people-focused business that is dedicated to tackling the UK’s skills shortage head on!

By Steve Mesure, Managing Director, CryoGen Industrial Services