Posted: 15-05-2020

CryoGen has been busy working hard to keep the lights on in London during the Coronaviris crises. When the unexpected happens and you need you power generation equipment (in this case alternators), to get a thorough deep clean to up the Ohms, dry ice blasting is the perfect answer. Not only is it effective in removing carbon contamination and oil residues without harming the base material, it does it in a very environmentally friendly manner. The process requires no chemicals and due to its use of dry ice and the sublimation process, no secondary waste clean up is required.

Through the dedication of the CryoGen team, a major power station in the London area was able to quickly get all of its steam turbine driven alternators back up and running despite a electrical failure that forced one of its units off the bars.

If you feel you would like to see a demonstration of the technique on your site, get in touch.